What is a True Professional Realtor®?

There are a lot of good agents in Utah and a select few rise above the crowd. You usually can't go wrong when you deal with a Realtor®. Being able to show the Realtor® emblem in their advertising means they have completed the stringent training and licensing to properly represent buyers and sellers.

But did you know there is a WOW factor in Real Estate?
If you are selling do you merely do the same things every other seller does?
What are you doing to make your property rise to the top?
If you don't WOW that buyer you run this risk of losing them.

I want to show you just what I do differently from other agents.
My motto is "Deliver More, Charge Less."
Once you understand what I do you'll get it.

Dedicated App

Each of my listings gets it's own Dedicated Progressive Web App.
Users can immediately go to your information and see everything they want with just a few clicks.

We look at things differently. Remember the movie about Daniel on the first page? When a potential buyer is in front of your property and they want information, we don't make them go to a central website and wade through other listings. They are looking at your listing so that's where we send them.

In this current Real Estate market, if you aen't doing something to make your property stand out you run the risk of being bypassed.

The goal is to showcase your property in a way that they remember and even if they are looking at several others, yours will always rise to the top.

Rise to the TOP

Because we build a dedicated app for each listing it's easy to showcase your property to out of town buyers. The idea is to make your property rise to the top and be memorabe so no matter how many other properties they see, they remember yours.

Video Marketing

You simply must consider an agent that makes extensive use of Video Marketing.
We are experts in this regard and in fact, offer systems used by other businesses of all kinds.

Click Here to see the importance of Video.

Your prospects want to see a Tour of the property.
I offer two different types and both work anywhere on ANY device.
The first is the LiveWalkThrough™ which as you see below can take the place of an open house.
The second is the MobileAppTour™.