Selling to Out of Town Buyers

We are HillPartners. When working with folks from out of town we have a system that simply works.

First, what is HillPartners?

Our Process

Consultation. We ask that the buyers go through and pick some properties they like. Get us that list and we will go to work, researching each.


We then do an online meeting where we do a deep dive into the properties selected. We can take you right into the back end of the MLS listing service and see things the public doesn't see.

Local Visit

When we have the list down to a short list, we summarize these into a natural flow so when the buyer is in state, our time is spent very efficiently.


Buyers now have the information they need to make an informed decision and their time in state is extremely productive. We don't need to run all over the county, we have our short list from which to proceed.
Promoting a Specific Property

Because we build a dedicated app for each listing it's easy to showcase your property to out of town buyers. The idea is to make your property rise to the top and be memorabe so no matter how many other properties they see, they remember yours.