COVID Changed the Real Estate business forever.

The Real Estate industry has gone TOUCHLESS.

Virtual Tours
Clickable Information
Instant Information Anywhere
Dedicated Progressive Web Apps

We still use like all the other agents,
but we go one further.
We make extensive use of the #1 device
folks use when they looking...
The Mobile Device, and Nobody does it better.

Here's a Tool I use on your listing.

Let's make your property Clickable!

State of the art system already in use.

Whether it's on a sign out front, on a feature in the home or on a counter to highlight something about the neighborhood, a Clickable Emblem WILL get their attention.

Whether it clicks to more information, an explanation or a video, folks WILL Click.

We sell this system to business owners in our State(SAVE) sites where they promote their business to local clients...and it works.
We are including it in your listing at no charge.


I'll summarize information about ME with this short video.

If you think I can offer you great service, then let's talk.

Let's get together and discuss everything I can do to insure you get the best price in the shortest amount of time for your property.

It's time for Results.

Rick Mayer, MBA, Ph.D.

Equity Real Estate
920 Chambers Street, Unit 17
Ogden, UT 84403
Rick Cell: 801-913-5566
Office: 800-785-9995

In closing, if you are an Agent, why not consider joining us?

You'll simply close more deals and make a LOT MORE money because we are a Flat Fee Brokerage.
Watch this movie then contact me and we'll work together.