When you are considering listing your property you have a Lot of choices.
Get the facts, see what sets me apart. (Dr. Rick Mayer.)

The New Way Real Estate is Sold

Are you Marketing your property  SMARTER or just More Expensively?

Look around, what do you see? Everyone is on their Smart Phones.

If you aren't showcasing your property with Video and Apps in a way that WOW's buyers it's quite simple, they go elsewhere.

Put yourself in the Buyers Shoes. Do a Search, how many listings let you get everything you need in one place with one click?

Are you making it EASY for your buyers?

Buyers want to pull up to a property and get All the Information right on their Smart Phones with just a click.

They Do Not want to make phone calls, send texts, or click through a bunch of websites to get where they want to go.

 A few things to consider.


95% of all searches begin on a Mobile Device.

National Surveys from the National Association of Realtors and GOOGLE.


"Surprisingly Print Ads and Open Houses together don't even account for 3% of the sales."

National Surveys from the National Association of Realtors and Real Estate Information Systems.


What are you doing to set your property apart? Do you have a system to WOW the buyer?
If you don't, you are merely offering the same bag of tricks every other seller does and you just take your chances.


What if you had a dedicated app for your property?
What if folks could take a tour right from their car while stting in front of the property, or what if they could click a code from an ad and see it all, even come back later to refresh?

Rick Mayer, MBA, Ph.D.

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